Flooding Case Study

Flooding in South Asia (Bangladesh and India) of the Brahmaputra and Ganges river in July and August 2007.

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Flooding Case Study

  • Place: South Asia (Bangladesh and India).
  • Date: July and August 2007.
  • Rivers: Brahmaputra and Ganges.
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  • Heavy rainfall- 900mm fell in July, which saturated the soil and increased runoff into rivers.
  • Melting snow from the glaciers in the Himalayan mountains increased the discharge of the Brahmaputra river as the store of water was released into the river.
  • The peak discharge of both rivers happened at the same time, which increased discharge downstream.
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Social Impacts

  • Over 2000 deaths.
  • 25 million made homeless.

  • 44 schools destroyed, which meant children missed out on education.

  • Around 100,000 people caught water-borne diseases like diarrhoea.

  • Lots of livestock were killed so farmers livelihoods were destroyed

  • Farmers and factory workers became unemployed
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Economic Impacts

  • Many factories closed, which means that the business can no longer continue to operate due to the damage, which means that the supplies the factory provided will be cut short. 
  • 112,000 houses destroyed in India
  • 10,000km of roads destroyed
  • Flooded fields reduced basmati rice yields - prices rose by 10%. 

  • Many farmers and factory workers became unemployed due to the number of factories closing due to damage, and also due to the destroyed fields and farmers' machinery.
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Environmental Impacts

  • Rivers were polluted with rubbish and sewage.
  • Floods in fields destroyed vegetation and crops, which distrupted the natural ecosystem and destroyed many animals habitats. 

  • Many livestock were killed
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Immediate responses

  • Many people didn't evacuate from areas that flooded.
  • Blocked transport links slowed down any evacuation attempts.
  • Other governments and international charities distributed food, water and medical aid.
  • Technical equipment and rescue boats were also sent to help those who were stranded. 
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Long-term Responses

  • International charities have funded the rebuilding of homes and the agriculture and fishing industries.
  • Some homes have been rebuit on stilts, so they're less likely to be damages by future floods. 
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