AQA Water on land 5.4 + 5.5....AQA Geography A GCSE textbook revision notes :) 

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Why do rivers flood?

Causes of floods 

  • Flooding occurs when a river bursts its banks because it is carrying excess water. 
  • prolonged rain fall, heavy rain and snowmelt all increase the rivers load.
  • Steep reliefs causes fast surface runoffs.
  • Lack of vegetation to drink the water.
  • Drainage basin consisting of non absorbant rock.
  • drainage basin in an urban area, concrete doesnt absorb much water. 

Frequency and location of flood events 

  • Becoming an annual occurance.
  • when there are hide tides or snowmelts.
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How and why do the effects of flooding and the res

Effects of flooding are due to:

  • the size and location 
  • the country (MEDC or LEDC)
  • effect LEDC's to a greater extent because the rely heavily on agriculture  

Short term......

 Flooding can damage houses and possesions and may take people lives 

Long term....

 The soil becomes very fertile and good for farming 

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