flood management case studies

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Bangladesh- Hard engineering

  • large man made enbankment 
  • channel improvement - dredging 
  • dams and resevoirs- Farraka dam
  • planning a ganges baarrage 
  • afforestation 
  • terracing hilisdes- reducing siltation 
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River Quaggy- SE London- soft engineering

  • QUAG- plan to bring river back above ground, through sutcliffe park, creating a lake
  • stores water rather than going into channels- storage capacity 85,000m3
  • reduced rik of flooding for 600 homes +businesses in greenwich 
  • created a new park for residents + diverse environment for wildlife 
  • wetland environment
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River severn- Shrewsbury- Hard and soft engineerin

from cambrian mountains- lot of rain and large tributaries

  • forecasting- 24hr notice by met office 
  • temporary structural gates put up 
  • land use management- frankwell car park + playing field adjancent allowed to flood 
  • upper wharfdale- grip drins removed 
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New forest- river restoration- Soft Engineering

  • Life 3 new forest
  • re instating natural river processes for 10km 
    • reconnecting meanders 
    • replacement bed matreial 
    • raise bed level 
    • consruction of woody debris dams 


  • encouraging peak water flows to be held in upper catchment- longer lag time
  • slower flowing more natural river system
  • ability to flood onto floodplain
  • benefits for birds 
  • inproved grazing material for ponies and cattle
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River ouse, Yorkshire- hard and soft engineering

  • flood abatement- reducing how much water enters river 
  • afforestation 
  • grip drains removed 
  • channelisation + building levee
  • north of city protected by woodland- can store 2.3m cubed- reducing peak flood level in the city by 150mm
  • floodgate 
  • adjustment- well organised flood warning schemes+ emergency planning
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Three gorges dam- China- Hard engineering

the Yangtree river- building 1994-2008


  • water suppy 
  • will save lives and livelihood in densely populated jingjiang + dongting
  • hydropower- provide 10%
  • navigation improvements


  • 1.2 million people displaced 
  • relocations involves moving to higher ground 
  • 1200 heritage sites lost 
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