Five pillar Plan

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Traffic Calming

  • City Centre pedestrianised - 1973
  • Cobbled streets - preserved and car free 
  • Speed limit on residential streets- 30kmph
  • 120 'play streets' created - safe for children 
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Concentrating Traffic

  • Traffic concentrated on 'key roads'
  • Trafic diverted away from city centre and scenic  areas 
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Public Transport

  • Became intergrated - 30km of tram linked with 168km of bus routes and regional railways
  • Trams introduced into the city and arrive every 7 minutes 
  • 'Regiocards' sold cheaply to encourage public transport use 
  • 3000km of public transport around the city
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Bicycle Use

  • Promotion of bicycle use 
  • 500km of bike lanes and bike friendly streets set up
  • 9000 bicycle spaces created
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Controlling Parking

  • No free parking in city centre 
  • Park and ride set up- suburb carparks linked with bus and tram systems 
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