Fisher - Field Test of the Cognitive Interview Technique (CIT)

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Fisher - Field Test of the Cognitive Interview Tec

The aim of the study was to investigate the effectiveness of the CIT (Cognitive Interview Technique) in a field experiment. (recall in victims and witnesses)

The participants were 16 experienced detectives from the Robbery Division of the Florida Police.

The preliminary phase took 4 months. Detectives tape recorded inverviews, using standard interviewing technique. Two groups formed: Officers trained in CIT (10), and Officers not trained in CIT (6). Training was conducted in four 1-hour group sessions, followed by tape recorded practice interviews in the field. 

The post training phase took 7 months. Each Officer tape recorded 2-7 interviews each, total of 47 interviews recorded. The interviews were mainly victims of robbery. Number of relevant and objective statements obtained were counted by research assistants who were blind to the conditions of the interview.

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Fisher - Field Test of the Cognitive Interview Tec


Officers trained in CIT elicited more relevant facts per interview than the untrained Officers. 

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