First Moroccan Crisis 1905

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  • Morocco was weak; France hoped to conquer it.
  • In 1903, the France based aan army on the Morocan border
  • Febuary 1905, France demanded control over the Moroccan army and police. The Sultan refused
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  • In March 1905, Kaiser Wilhelm visited Tangier in Morocco
  • He told the French agent (Count Cherisay) that he wanted free trade for Germany in Morocco then dismissed him before he could reply.
  • He then gave a speech in whitch he promised to defend Morocco as 'free and independent' and 'subject to no foreign control'.  
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  • There was an international crisis - both France and Germany threatened war.
  • The French (scared of another was with Germany) were going to back down, but the British encouraged them to take a firm line.
  • A Conference was held at Algeciras (1906).
  • Britain and Russia supported France (Britain stationed a navy patrol outside Algeciras harbour).
  • Germany had to promise to stay out of Morocco
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  • France were angry with Germany.
  • Britain was frightened of Germany's Empire.
  • At the Algeciras conference (1906), France, Britain, and Russia forced Germany to stay out of Morocco. Germany felt humiliated.
  • In 1907, Britain and Russia, alamed by German ambitions, made an Entente - adds to alliances.
  • Algeciras convinced Germany that the other countries were 'ganging up' on Germany - from this moment, Germany began preparing for war. 
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