First love John Clare (1793-18640

  • Ideas- what is the poet trying to put across
  • Language- words and phrases used to make the poem more captivating
  • Imagery- what are the pictures conjured up
  • Structure- rhyme scheme, set out of poem
  • Poets' attitude/conclusion
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  • The poet has moved to another stage in his life. Nothing will ever be the same "And can return no more"
  • Dominated by emotion and is following his heart and not reason
  • Feelings and effects your first love has. Shows both the good and bad emotions felt.
  • Physical impact and emotional turmoil. "deadly pale", "I never saw so sweet a face"
  • Strong emotion, disorientation "seemed midnight at noonday"
  • Unrequited love as the girl is not offering her love but the man is deeply in love, there is a sense of longing.
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  • "First Love", the title uses simple language in order to get the point across.
  • Strong use of violent language "struck", "burnt", "stole", "deadly pale", to show strong physical attraction
  • "Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower", simile to reflect the the fragility and beauty of flower. Reflecting his feelings --> naive and easily lost.
  • "My life and all seemed turned to clay", metaphor, life seems stuck in this particular moment because of his emotional love towards the girl.
  • 1st stanza is showing the positive and negatives of love
  • Simile is used to compare his words to chords "They spoke as chords", showing once again his strong attraction.
  • "And blood burnt round my heart", metaphor heart comparing to blood, heat and power. "blood burnt", also shows harsh physical attraction.
  • Unable to control his emotion "blood rushed to my face", and "took my sight away".
  • Figurative language, the questions appeal to her but also they are an expression of his own feelings.
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  • There is the use of simple and natural imagery in order to convey the women's beauty, "Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower".
  • He was "struck", the moment he saw her and knew that it was love.
  • He was transfixed and unable to move showing how strong the love he felt was, "My legs refused to walk away".
  • The feeling is that the poet has moved to another stage in his life, and from feeling this love nothing will ever be the same.
  • We get the image that the man just turned blank as soon as he saw her "my face turned pale".
  • John Clare uses violent language in order to paint the picture of just how love-struck he was. This is done so that the feeling that he felt stays vivid in the readers mind throughout.
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  • Cyclical structure, last lines reflect the first lines
  • Rhyme scheme ABAB could be reflecting the different people male and female or their different opinions.
  • First person narration.
  • Use of questions to provoke thought in the reader
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