First Aid- First aid box basic contents

A basic first aid kit will contain differnt sized plasters, sterile dressing, sterile eye dressing, triangul;ar bandages, crepe rolled bandages, safety pins, disposable gloves, scissors, alcohol free wipes, tape, antiseptic cream, cream or spray to relive insect bites and painkillers.

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Basic first aid-

choking-Hit them firmily on  their back between the shoulder blades to dislodge the object if this does not work call 999 immidiately or ask someone else to do it.

Bleeding heavily- If a person is suffering heavy bleeding put pressure on the wound with whatever is available to stop or slow down the bleeding then call 999 or get someone else to do  it carry on applying pressure on the wound until help arrives.

broken bone-Encourage the person to support the injury with their hand or use a cushion to stop unecessary movement call 99 asap continue supporting the injury until help arrives.

Asthma attack- Help the person sit in a comfortable position and take their medication if they dont have their medication or if their medication does not improve symptoms call 999 immidiately.

Burns- cool the burn for atleast 10 minutes loosely cover the burn with cling film or a clean plastic bag call 999 or go to hospital

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Basic first aid

sprains and strains- apply ice on the injury if their is no improvement seek medical advice

poisoning- establish what they have taken and how much,call 999 and do not make the person  sick.

unconcious and breathing- check breathing by tilting their heads backwards and looking and feeling for breaths, move them on their side and tilt their head backwards then call 999 or get someone else to do it.

hypothermia-call 999 and warm the person and reassure them until help arrives.

seizures/epiliepsy- do not restrain the person but use a blanket to protect the persons head from injury, after the seizure help the person to rest on their side with their head tilted backwards.

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