Finishing Metals

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Before a  metal is painted a primer must be applied eg. zinc chromate or red oxide

then the top coat can be applied.

metal is often painted so it protects it, as well as making it look nice.

the paint can come with special properties for instance they can be durable and weather-proof for outdoor use

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Plastic Coating

This involves heating the metal evenly and then dipping it is a fluidised power for a few seconds.

It is then out back in the oven so the thin plastic coating can fuse to the surface

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This can be done by hand or by buffering machine.

On the machine an abrasive polish is applied and then the metal is pushed againt the machine until the desired finish is achieved.

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This involves a thin layer of gum, varnish or cellulose to be applied to a metal to provide a transparent coating.

it provides a barrier against oxidising and tarnishing so if often used on jewellery

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