Films For Question 2

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Fish Tank

Fish Tank

Released in 2009Director, Andrea ArnoldWriter, Andrea Arnold 

Main female character, Mia played by  Katie Jarvis. Lower classed character aged 15 years old. 

Main male character, Conner played by Michael Fassbender. The hegemony character as he is the middle class, middle aged male with a functional family life. 

Relate this to Gramsci as Conner is the hegemony character and he goes behind all of the morals and values that are set for him. For example he sleeps with a young aged girl, her mother and cheats on his wife. 

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Relesed in 1979. Directored Franc Roddam. Writer Dave Humphries. 

Main character, Jimmy played by Phil Daniels. 

Sting plays king of the mods. 

Write about Stanley Cohen and his folk devils and moral panic. This relates to the newpaper cutting in the film and how groups like British youth tend to stick together when the media makes a moral panic and it fuels. 

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Eden Lake

Eden Lake

Released 2008. Director and writer James Watkins. 

Middle class characters Jenny (Kelly Reilly) & Steve (Michael Fassbender) 

Write about Acland and how he thinks youth need to be constantly monitered to control the behaivor. He asked us what is acceptible and in this film it shows how the media uses extreme ca

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The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners 

Released 2008-2010. 

Middle class youth doing stupid things. 

Talk about giroux and how media create things like this to control youth by making fun of them to keep them on the straight and narrow. 

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