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Information on how the British Film Institute.

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  • The British Film Institute is a charitable organisation established by Royal Charter in 1983.
  • Operates through three sources of income - 

    1.Public money allocated to the 'Department for Culture, Media and Sport' gives roughly £20 million. 

    2.The BFI runs the BFI SouthBank and Imax theatre and receieves money from ticket and DVD sales, as well as any further commercial activity they're involved in.

    3.Grants and sponsorship from sources such as the national lottery.  

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  • The British Board of Film Censors, founded in 1912.
  • An organization set up so the British Film Industry could manage their own censorship of films, without the approval of the government.
  • It's legal basis was the Cinematograph Act of 1909.
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Successful British Talent...

  • Kate Winslet - 
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