Film Studies section B - Living with crime


London To Brighton

Year: 2006                    Director: Paul Williams      
Characters: Derrick, Stuart, Kelly, Joanne, Duncan, Chum.

Main Scenes:

  • Opening, - low-key, high angle, close-up of faces, prostitution introduced 
  • Manipultive Derrick, - woman crying, increased tv sound to muffle what is happening to woman, wall seperating them, 
  • Stuart and Derrick meeting - low key, close-up, shot-reverse-shot,no non-diegetic sound , close-up of shaver, close-up of bloody hand, wideshot 
  • Duncan -  low-key, mofit white, joanne red, Joanne make-up red lipstick, close-up of vodka, kelly black, joanne top framed -suggestive, duncan moves her hair from face, wideshot feet, creak of floordiegetic sound voilent
  • Graveyard,-  low-key, digging own graves, close-ups, Stuart's story, close-up of cigeratte packet, extreme close-up of Joanne,, flashbacks, duncan bleeding from cruch, Stuart a hero, 
  • Ending  - countryside - freedom, wideshot of cottage,  reuniun with gran, white house - saftey, kelly watching from distance, kelly returns to the street. 
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Context - London to Brighton

Location: north - London - ruin, 

Location: South - brighton - country

Street prostitutes hav lower status than an indoor prostitute. they are often in some state of decline, (e.g running away from abusive situations - Joanne) 

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Get Carter

Year: 1971                                    Director: Mike Hodges
Characters: Jack Carter, Doreen, Edna, Anne, Margret, Eric

Main Scenes: 

  • Opening - wideshot, - low-key, music becomes tense, bottle (links to end of film,) Carter framed in centre, Light bulb flicker – projection, **** film  – dim lighting, tracking shot – Carter pulling drinks  (lullaby – link to Doreen?), enigma – deciding to go north, Train 
  • Edna under Attack, - low-key, Edna tries to show authority, powerless, uncontrolable situation
  • Glender Car Scene  - male gaze, natural lighting, white juxtaposition. 
  • Closing  - natural lighting. wideshot, death, close-up, sea 
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Context - Get Carter

Location: Newcastle

North/South Devide

Womens rights movement

decade of first female prime minister 

post war depresson

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Bullet Boy

Year: 2004                                            Director: Soul Dibbs
Characters: Ricky, Curtis, Wisdom, Beverly Rio, Shianna, Leon

Main Scenes:

  • Opening, - POV bars, Curtis and Wisdom coulld have this fate, Red Car, danger, Grey tracksuit, inbetween, authority White British, 
  •  Curtis shoots Rio - Links to influence, what Curtis future could be like, ignorance, 
  • Leon saviour - wants Ricky to breakk circle, religion an excape, supports beverly

  • Ricky Homeless - Father role to curtis, absance of mother,  desperation

  • Ricky killled - cornered, low key, slow motion, mother grief.  
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Context - Bullet Boy

Location: East London 

Filmed: Hackney (murder mile - representation of high crime)

Mainstream films rarely showed Black British Films, most of which were written by black directors. Bullet Boy was among the first Black British Film to be completed by a white producer. (Bullet Boy had both a Black and White Britsh Producer)

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Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Year: 1998                                         Director: Guy Richie
Characters: Eddy, Bacon, Soap, Tom, Hatchet Harry, Barry the Baptist, Gary and Dean, Dog, Plank, Winston, Willie, Gloria, Jay, Charles, Rory Breaker

Main Scenes:

Opening - introduction to character, slow motion, tracking shot, low key, freeze frame

Cannabis farm - low key, tracking shot, close-up - key and gunhandle, Medium-long shot – characters in cage + Jay toes blown off, Medium close-up – phone & intercom, High-angle long shot – characters in cage – exposed, High-angle medium shot – Winston, Charles and Willie – not exposed – cramped into the frame 

robbery - Extreme close up of Gloria’s eyes, Low-angle for dog, Suggested POV shot 

 Ending - Natual lighting, freeze frame, open ending, close-up of gun bundle, 

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