Film Characters (Paprika)

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Dr. Atsuko Chiba

Chiba Atsuko and her alter-ego, Paprika, are the main protagonist in the film.

As Chiba, she is considered an attractive, hard-working woman, if a little controlling. She is very serious but becomes more open when admitting her feelings for Tokito. She enters the dream world in order to recover the stolen DC mini. 


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The alter-ego of Chiba, Paprika is the stereotypical outgoing anime-girl. She is a 'dream detective' by night and is a fluid, lucid character, bridging the gap between reality and the dream-world. 


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Detective Konakawa Toshimi

Konakawa is a cop and one of Paprika's patients. 

His recurring nightmare introduces the theme of 'the other-self' as he kills a man with the same face as him, that is, "the other him" as Paprika suggests. His character is typical of an angtsy noir cop.


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Dr Kosaku Tokita

The inventor of the DC Mini. He's childish and doesn't know much about responsibility or the eventual consequences that the DC Mini comes with.


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Dr Morio Osanai & The Chairman

The main antagonists of the film. 

Upon examining Shima's dream Tokita recognizes his assistant, Kei Himuro, which confirms their suspicion that the theft was an inside job. The Chairman of the company, who was against the project to begin with, bans the use of the device completely. Paprika and Shima take matters into their own hands and find that Himuro is only an empty shell. The real culprit is the chairman, with the help of Doctor Morio Osanai, who believes that he must protect dreams from mankind's influence through dream therapy. 


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Shima Tora-Taroh

Cheerful and friendly. Creates the non-sensical parade. 


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Kei Himuro

The initial antagonist of the film before it is discovered he is just an empty shell. 


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