Fieldwork & Research Unit 2

I have an exam on Rebranding and Extreme Weather and these are the techniques I've found for the fieldwork and research questions.

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  • Enviromental suveys
  • Land use maps/surveys
  • Questionnaires/interview
  • Field sketches/photos
  • Photo trail
  • EQS [Enviromental Quality Surveys]
  • Drosscape survey
  • Bipolar analysis
  • Accessibility [Bus routes, roads, etc.]
  • Participant observation
  • Pedestrian count
  • Flood defences [I did flooding so this was part of it]
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  • Old photos
  • Online blogs and forums
  • Census data
  • Employment rates
  • Migration rates
  • GIS [Google earth, etc.]
  • Met Office [past weather events]
  • Newspaper articles
  • Tourism statistiques
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Bethany Cunningham


There should be specific to a certain topic because things such as the Met Office are not going to be appropriate for human topics.

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