Fieldwork and Research

Various things to do for fieldwork and research

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General - Crowded Coasts - Rebranding

  • Census Data
    --> pop. number and how/if it has changed
  • Use of Google Earth (GIS)
    --> this allows you to plan and plot your route for your fieldwork, this means that you will only be going to relevant places
    --> The 'Timeline' feature allows you to see what the area looked like previously (affect of growth, pressures, flood risk, coastal retreat, defences), (previous land use/ current land use, age of buildings, transport)
    --> Photos can also be plotted into this resulting in an affective map of resources
    --> can work out rate of erosion + if land use has changed 
  • Old Newspapers - to see if anything significant happened/changed 
  • Place Check Forms - - 
  • - quality of beaches + compare all UK beaches

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General - Crowded Coasts Rebranding - can be done in follow up research

  • Pedestrian count/ traffic flow/ car parking - conducted in + out of season
    --> is tourism seasonal? infrastructure?
  • Land use survey (on base map)
  • Take photos
  • Questionnaires (open questions)
  • Mapping of tourist areas
  • Score aesthetics, biodiversity, amenity, vulnerability 0-5
  • Bipolar Analysis - -3 to +3
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Beach pollution surveys - less litter = better quality beach (
  • Biodiversity/species survey
  • Environmental Quality Survey
  • Drosscape Survey - mapping significant derelict/decayed areas
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Follow-up Research

General - Crowded Coasts Rebranding can be done in fieldwork

  • Score aesthetics, biodiversity, amenity, vulnerability 0-5
  • Bipolar Analysis - -3 to +3
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • (Review Questionnaires)
  • Tourism stats --> research local events (can be done before)
  • Internet blogs/forums
  • Local Newspapers/Websites(can be done before)
  • Air quality/ pollution stats
  • How is the area affected by human activity? - impacts?
  • Has the rebranding been successful?
    --> have people returned to the area?
    --> measurements of success
  •  What have impacts been/management?
  • Is there any overuse of resources? pollution?
  • Threats to high value coastal habitats?
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