Fetch-Execute Cycle

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The address of the next instruction to be executed is copied from the  RAM into the MAR.

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The instruction held at the copied address, which is now in the MAR, is copied to the MBR.

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At the same time as the last step, the value stored in the PC is incremented by 1.

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The instruction(s) held in the MBR are copied to the CIR ready to be executed.

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Execution phase (1)

The instruction stored in the CIR is decoded into a format that can be inputted into the CPU's logic circuits.

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Execution phase (2)

The instruction held in the CIR is then executed through the CPU's logic circuits.

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Program counter (PC) - This indicates the location in the CPU cache of the next instruction in the sequence. This is incremented after each fetch.

Memory address register (MAR) - this stores the addresses of instructions waiting to be fetched and executed.

Memory buffer register (MBR) - This is a buffer containing instructions waiting to be decoded and executed.

Current instruction register (CIR) - This is where the current instruction being executed is stored.

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