Charles I Foreign policy

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By 1625 Charles and Buckingham had set up an anti spanish front. They planned to force the Catholic Hapsburgs out of the Palatinate and restore it to Charles Brother in-law.

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What did this involve?

.In return of financial support, Christian VI of Denmark would force the Catholic Hapsburgs in North Germany.

.Financial support from the Dutch to do the same.

.An English army of 6,000 men called the German mercenary provider for the commander, Ernst Von Mansdeld, who already fought for Friedrich of Palatinate

.A sea war against Spain to stop supplies from South America of silver and gold. These supplies for the Spanish forces and the Hapsburg Empire.

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Parliament subsidies

Parliament had voted subsidies of £250,000. But, Charles and Buckingham's plans were in the region of £2 Million. If the plans would of worked Parliament would of funded it, but as they didn't go well Parliament did not cover the costs.

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By 1626 the strategy was in pieces and the failure was blamed on Buckingham.

Mansfield Failure 1625- The soldiers were poorly equiped and untrained. Mansfield did not have the necesscary resources to feed and look after the soldiers. 4,000 died and the rest did not go to war.

The Cadiz Expedition 1625-  Buckingham and Charles planned to cut off the main Spanish ports. They then planned to attack the Spanish Fleet as it came into range. The troops were untrained and when in Cadiz they found a winestore and loss all forms of discipline. They had to withdraw their ships and they had really achieved nothing, apart from catching a small fleet. Many troops due to starvation.

Christian of Denmark decided not to attack the Hapsburgs in North Germany

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