Feminism and the Family

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Feminism and the Family

Liberal feminists believe that: 

Gender equality has not yet been achieved but there has been gradual progress. 

Markist Feminism

  • Argue that main reason for women's oppression is not men but capitalism. 
  • Women's oppression serves capitalism by: 
    • reproducing to make the labour force, through unpaid domestic labour. 
    • socialising next generation of workers.
    • maintaining and servicing the current generation. 
  • Women also absorb the anger towards capitalism from men. 
  • Ainsley: 'Women are takers of ****" - soak up mens frustration of being exploited by capitalism.
  • Women act as reserve army for cheap labour. 
  • When not needed return to primary role as unpaid domestic labour force.
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Feminism and the Family

Radical Feminism: 

  • Most extreme form. 
  • Argue all societies are formed by partiarchy.
  • They belive patraichal societies need to be overturned. 
  • Solution is separatism- women to live independantly from men. 
  • Another is politcal lesbianism- idea that heteroxexual relationships are oppressive as they involve 'sleeping with the enemy' . 

Critisisms of the 3 forms: 

  • Difference feminsim argue that they generalise all women's experiences. E.g.they ignore differences between ethncities, sexualities, and classes. All women have different experiences. 
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