This will include what is feminism, and theorist. It is only the basis information not everything in detail.

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Definition: a doctrine or movement that advocates equal rights for women

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The aim is to establish equal Rights for men and women.

It also aims to understand the nature of gender inequality.

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A feminist is someone whose beliefs and behaviours are based around feminism.

Not all feminists have agreed in exactly what constitues inequality and injustice or on the means of overcoming them, but in terms of a set of values and normative claims (e.g. claims about how society should be), equality is at the heart of feminist core beliefs.

Also they are deeply concerned with the description and analysis of women's disadvantage, both historically and in contempory society.

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Femininity                                                                    Masculinity

Caring                                                                          Tough

Nurturing                                                                      Providing

Emotional                                                                     Rational

domestic, home- orientated                                          Public, work- orientated

Sensitve                                                                       Thick- skinned

Passive                                                                        Active

Gentle                                                                          Rough

Soft                                                                              Hard

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