Feminism in education and around the world

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Facts over workplaces

Male and females working in STEM:

14% of women                                             86% of men

Male and females working in health, education and welfare.

73% women                                                 27% of men

Comparing the results, more men work in the scientific departments than women. However, more females work in health, education and welfare compared to men which proves the stereotypes. 

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Famous people in feminism

Colley 1998 = found still gender differences in option choices, she argues that this affects students perceptions of subjects and this can affect jobs in the future. 

Spender 1983 = girls are praised for appearences, good behaviour and neat work / the qualities are viewed less highly than the creativity and indivituality of boys. 

Sharpe = noted that girls priorities had changed over a 20 year span. They no longer saw marriage and children as a priority, rather it was a career which dominated their thoughts. 

To evaluate women are seen as primary carers for children and so may have to work part-time or give up work after having children

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