Feeding Behaviours


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Herbivores eat plants. They don't need to catch their food.

Vegetation is low in nutrients, so they need to spend more time eating.

Vertebrate herbivores like wildebeest and buffalo feed in herds for safety; there'll always be some of the group to spot predators.

Herbivores have eyes on the sides of their head to see all around them for predators.

Some have horns or antlers to defend themselves.

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Carnivores eat meat, which they have to catch.

Meat is nutrient-rich, so they dont spend as long eating.

Carnviores have eyes at the front of their head to judge distance when catching prey. 

They are quick and have sharp teeth and claws to grip and kill.

Some carnivores hunt in packs to catch larger prey, this allows them to surround the animals and feed a larger group. 

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