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  • Feedback can be given during or after a performance
  • It is most effective when given close to a performance so the performance is fresh in the participants mind
  • Feedback motivates, changes the performance and reinforces learning
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  • Knowledge of Result
  • Knowledge of Performance
  • Intrinsic Feedback
  • Extrinsic Feedback
  • Continuouse Feedback
  • Terminal Feedback
  • Positive Feedback
  • Negative Feedback
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Main Types

  • Intrinsic Feedback - a type of continuous feedback about a performance that comes from within you.
    • e.g. to enjoy going for a jog can encourage you to repeat the activity
  • Extrinsic Feedback - feedback about a performance that comes from external sources
    • e.g. your teacher praises your attempt at passing in hockey which encourages you to continue trying
  • Knowledge of Result - is external feedback and can come from the performer being told the result of their response.
    • e.g. wanting to improve your score after an archery event might encourage you to practise harder
  • Knowledge of Performance - feedback about the pattern of movement that is or has taken place.
    • e.g. your trampolining coach might give you information about your somesalt technique which might encourage you to work on performing this in the future
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Basic detail on feedback

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