Powers and functions of State Government

  • Federal powers come from the consitution
  • Five powers - enumerated, inherent, denied, reserved and concurrent (EIDRC)
  • Consitution gives most of the power to Congress eg. power of the purse, power to legislate
  • State powers - individual States have very little power (can amend the Constitution - electoral college) - used to elect own Senators but not now
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Dual Federalism

  • Layer cake - federalism isn't mentioned in the Constitution
  • Supposed to be upheld in the Senate
  • Set up to stop tyranny
  • Dread Scot decision of the Supreme Court which backs up State protection against overpowering Federal Govt
  • Separate areas of responsibility
  • Limited central Govt, larger state Govt
  • Block grants
  • Clear boundaries
  • Ended due to the Great Depression, inability for the states to do anything
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