Features and Typical Composers of Styles of Music

Features, typical composers and any extra information about styles of music.

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What is Lieder?

Lieder is a type of German music composed in the 'Romantic Period' (1820-1900). They are usually composed from German poems.

Typical Composers

Typical Composers of Lied would be; Wagner, Beethoven, Schubert and Chopin. Composers usually came from Germany or Austria.


The quickest way you can recognise Lied is from the German lyrics. Also it is usually writen for one singer and a piano. The accompaniment played by the piano is usually very descriptive. if you get given the translated lyrics, they may be hinting that word painting is present. It is also a very typical feature of Lied.

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Pop Ballads

What is a Pop Ballad?

Pop ballads are songs that tell stories. They have been around for a while yet are still popular with the public now.

Typical Composers

Typical composers include; Bob Dylan, Elton John, Sting and Kate Bush. Although the artists such as the Spice Girls sung Ballads in their career, they did not solely devote their career to Ballads so do not class as Pop Ballad Icons.


Pop Ballads follow a strophic structure (verse, verse, verse ..etc. form). The lyrics change but the accompaniment usually does not.


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Indian Classical Music

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