Farm diversification Rebranding

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Farm diversification, rebranding

57,000 farms in England have diversified
The farm business survey said that the industry took £300m in 2008/2009

Examples of farms that have diversified: Newbridge Dairy Farm, Midwales.
THe farm had little demand for goods, so it was converted into accommodation with a viewing area for cow milking. The cottages are self catering which means it is good for families. There is a nearby lake for fisherman also.

Another example is Feather Down Farm Days, talybont, Bangor.
This farm sims to provide a peaceful getaway where people can do farm activities such as lambing or collecting eggs. The idea was bought to England by the same man who invented centre parts, lucite moraal. There are 24 feather down farms in Britain.

A final example is the parthfarm casoos, Midwales.
This farm offers cooking lessons to teach people traditional country recipes. A leading supermarket for involved to use some of the recipes.

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