Family Diversity

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They have a modernist view on the family - that family structure shapes its members.

They believe the nuclear family is the best family type and that other family types are wrong.

Parsons sees the nuclear family to perform 3 different functions:

  • Geographically and Socially mobile workforce
  • Primary socialisation
  • Stabalisation of adult personalities
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New Right

They are opposed to family diversity but believe the nuclear family is the best family type to live in.

Lone parent families are seen as a burden as they use up the welfare state, for example housing benefits.

Perverse incentives - irresponsible behavior is rewarded and responsible behavior is punished.

Marriage is an essential way of bringing up children in a stable and safe way.

Criticims of this view are:

  • Oakly (Feminist) argues divorce will give women freedom and roles within the marriage are not fixed.
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Chester - Neo-Conventional family

Does not see family diversity as negative.

Chester believes there has been a move towards this neo-conventional family

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