Family and Social Policy

this provides revison notes for social policy on family

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Functionalists view

  • helps families to perform their functions more effectively

Ronald Fletcher: 

  • the welfare state helps families to function efficiently


  • feminists argue policies benefit men more than women
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New Right View

  • criticise government policies for undermining the family
  • providing generous welfares to lone-parent families

Charles Murray: these policies reward and encourage irresponsible behaviour


  • Feminists argue new right views attempt to return teh traditional patriarchal nuclear family
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Feminists View

  • Social policies reinforce patriarchal ideas such as men being main breawinner, becasue of tax and benefit policies
  • maternity policies assume childcare is womens job


  • Laws such as Equal Pay and Equal rights to divorce challenge patriarchy
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Marxists Viewpoint

  • Policies serve capitalism
  • dont accept the steady march of progress view
  • pensions suggest once workers are too old to produce profits, they are maintained at lowest possible cost


  • feminists argue that Marxists ignore the detrimental effect of family policy on women
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