Family and Marriages

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Sex before marriage

  • as a catholic, it breaks the weddign vows to be unfaithful to each other.
  • god gave us sex for pleasure, joy, the bond of a married couple, and most importanty, to procreate, as they should raise children up in a loving christian manner.
  • catholics are against adultery because it is condemned in the 10 commandments which all christians should follow.
  • the catechinsm teaches that premarital sexual intercourse is wrong and the catholics are encouraged to follow the teachings of the catholic church in order to live a good life.
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Attitudes towards divorce Catholic and others

  • jesus taught that divorce is wrong, according to marks gospels, and christians should follow the teachings of jesus because in order to live a good life, us catholics must follow our faiths.
  • the couples made a covenant with god in the sacrament of marriage, and that covenant canot be broken by any earthly power.
  • as there can be no religeous divorce, there can be no re-marriages, because that would be the same as bigamy and adultery, both of which are serious sins.
  • it is a teaching of the church that it is better to divorce than to live in hatred and quarel at all times.
  • if christians truely repent for their sins, couples should have another chance at marriage as long as they are determined to make their second chance work.
  • there are lesser of two evils if a marriage has broken down, then the effects would be the coupes not divorcing, rther than divorce itself.
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Purpose of marriage

  • the priests introduction to the service which emphasises the fact that marriages is a sacrament which canno be broken by the husband or wife, especially since its a covenant made between the couple and God.
  • the prayers at the nuptial mass gave the couples God's grace and strengthto support and comfort each other.
  • the priests asking the couples if they will accept children from god lovingly and bring them up according to the law of christ and his church. he des this before the marriage vows.
  • the reading, homily and prayers all refer to the acceptance of children as an essential feauture of catholic marriage.
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Attitudes towards homosexuals

 my opinion

  • homosexuals do have equal rights because according to the book of Genesis, 1:27, God created man kind in his image. this means that everyone should be treated with proper respect and honor because they reflect God.
  • the church does not refer to 'hetrosexual' or homosexual alone, but speaks about homosexuals people whose identity is as a child of god.
  • the church teaches that people can not help their orientation. therefore discriminating against them because of their sexual orientation is wrong.


  • evangelical protestants believe that the bible is the direct word of god, for example, According to Leviticus 18:22: 'You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.' therefore it mmust be wrong.
  • they believwe that the salvationn of of christ can remove all sins, including homosexuality.
  • all church has taught to promote that homosexuality is wrong, even though now, some say homosexuals are acceptable.
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Importance of Family Life

  • main purpose of marriage is to procreate, and raise their children in a secure and loving catholic enviroment ensuring that they will love god and follow jesus.
  • the catechism teaches that family life was created by god as the basic unity of society and without the family, society would collapse.
  • the family is a place where children learn the difference between right and wrong, so without the family, there would be no humanity in the world.
  • christian children are expected to love their parents when they are no longer capable of caring for themselves. this is based on the fourth comandment, and the teaching of jesus.
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Catholic parishes and the upbringing of children.

  • Provide catholic education and worship in addition to the standard education, this would help parents because it teaches children from right to wrong and help parents to fufill their marriage and baptism promises to bring their children up as catholics.
  • Run children's liturgies providing a better understanding about the massand church, also allowing parents to be ast sunday mass, helping them to teach their childring the word of the lord.
  • Run classes to help prepare children for first confession, holy comunion and confirmation, helping parents with the catholic upbringing of their children.
  • Finally, they also run youth clubs and the youth activities, so that children are kept away from bad influences and streets. this helps parents and carers to protect children and also to keep them close.
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How catholic marriages keep family together

  • Many parishes provide financial support, if the family wage earner is ill or made reluctant, the parishes have links to national Catholics charities to help family life, for example, Catholic Marriage Care.
  • Parish priest are always available to help and give advice to couples having family problem.
  • The church offers lots of help to keep families together during the mass the priest may remind parents of the vows they made in front of God, in their marriage ceremony and also other reasons not to divorce.
  • The family is where children learn the difference between rights and wrong, so without the family, there would be no humanity in this world. This reflects the importance of family life and shows that it needs a lot of time spending on.
  • One of the purposes of catholic marriage is to have children and bring them up in a secure and loving catholic environment, so that they will love and follow Jesus. This also shows that family’s needs a lot of time spent on because, without this, their children will grow up to become distant with their parents and not share a bond.
  • Lastly, Christians are expected to care for their parents when they are no longer capable of caring for themselves. This is based on the fourth commandment. This displays the importance of family life and how i need a lot of time to be spent on because as you grow up, most children grow apart from their parents.


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