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parson and joint and segregated conjugal roles.

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what did parsons mean by instrumental and expressi

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the husband has an instrumental role, geared towards achieving success at work so that he can provide for the family financially, he is the breadwinner.

the wife has an expressive role, geared towards primary socialisation of the children and meeting the familys emotional needs. she is the homemaker, a full time housewife rather than a wage earner.

parsons argues that the division of labour is based on biological differences, with women 'naturally' suited to the nurturing role and men are the provider. new right also hold this view.

sociologists such as micheal young and peter willmott argue men are now taking a greater share of domestic tasks and more wives are becoming wage earners.

sociologists argue the division of labour only benefits men.

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what is meant by joint conjugal role and segregate

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segregated conjugal roles are where the couple have seperat roles, a male breadwinner and a female homemaker/carer, as in parsons' instrumental and expressive roles. their leisure time tends to be seperate.

joint conjugal roles are where the couple share tasks such as housework and childcare and spend their leisure time together.

young and willmott identify a pattern of segregated conjugal roles. in their study of traditional working class extended families in the 1950's.

- men were the breadwinners, most often working on the dock.

-played little part in the home and spent their leisure time in pubs with workmates.

-women were full time housewives - sole responsibilty of the housework and childcare, helped by female relatives. spent leisure time with female relatives.

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