Functionalist Perspective of the Family

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Functionalist Perspective of the Family

Key idea: Organic analogy- works with other institutions to create social solidarity 

GEORGE MURDOCK- Four main functions: 

  • Reproduction of the next generation
  • Provides stable satisfaction of the sex drive for adults
  • Socialisation of the young 
  • Meeting its members economic needs (Nuclear family is key and universal, gender specific roles and heterosexual relationships between adults.)
  • not only the nuclear family exists 
  • homosexual relationships are classed as family
  • not all couples can reproduce 

TALCOTT PARSONS- two major roles of the family

Primary Socialisation of the young: child must internalize and committ to norms and values

Stabilisation of adult personalities: warm bath theory, emotional support prevents them from getting stressed 

CRITICISMS -1. Ignores exploitation and inequality 2. Assumes all gender roles are fixed

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