Fail of League of Nations Crisis 1: Japanese invasion on Abyssinia

First of the league of nations two major crises. Its future depended on how well it dealt with these crisises.

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Why did Japan invade Manchuria?

Manchuria (part of China) invaded in 1931by Japan. 

  •  Economic depression hit Japan very hard as it depended so much on trading with  other countries. Trade with the USA and other countries slumped so Japanese turned their attention to Manchuria.
  • Japan already controlled the railway there, and manchuria had rich natural reasources like coal and oil.
  • Manchuria would also provide Japan with a market for its goods and living space for Japans fast growing population.
  • The military in Japan were keen for Japan to expand and become a powerful nation.                                                                                                       Crisis was sparked off by a bomb which blew up part of the railway in September 1931. Japan blamed China but the Japanese may have planted the bomb to give them an excuse to invade.
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Crisis 1 continued

This is what happened:

Sep 1931- China appeal to League for help. League asked USA to be involved in a Commision of Enquiry. USA did not want to get involved. Britain had few economic interest in Manchuria so no interest in Manchuria. League did not impose economic sanctions.

Oct 1931- Japan called for the withdrawal of Japanese forces.

Nov 1931- League set up a Commission of Enquiry under Lord Lytton. Japan, meanwhile knowing European powers wouldn't support any actions against her, continued the conquest of Manchuria.

Sept 1932- Lytton Commision final reported. Condemned Japanese Invasion.

March 1933- Japan left League of kept control of Manchuria. League FAILED!

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