Factual causation case studies

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-Defendant used girlfriend as a human sheild

-Defendant was convicted as 'But for' him using her as a human sheild she wouldnt have died.

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-Defendant pput cyinade in his mothers drink. She later died due to other causes.

-Doesnt pass the 'but for' test as the victim would still have died evem if the defendant hadn't put cyianide in the drink.

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-Victim had problems breathing and was given a trachotomy. e died due to complications.

-Defendant was 'more than the minimal cause' as the vitim wouldn't have had to had the trachotomy if it wasn't for te defendants actions

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- Victim was stabbed. CPR was performed and made injuries worse, causing the victim to die.

-Defendant wasn't 'more than the minimal cause' because victim died due to other reasons.

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- Doctor treated victim with antibiotics which he was allergic too, victim died as a result.

-Chain of causation was broken due to a third part (medical intervention)

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- Hitch hiker died from head injures after jumping out of the car when he thought the defendant was going to steal his wallet.

- Chain of causation was broken due to the victims own act

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