Factors which led to Hitler's rise to Power

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Weaknesses in Weimar

People believed that politicians appeared unable to tackle the problems of the Depression.

Germans were urged to make sacrifices.

Unemployment went up as votes for Communists went up.

Politicians spent more time arguing than helping ordinary Germans.

People wanted to get rid of Democracy, which the Nazis planned to do.

National laws overruled state laws.

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The Great Depression

An unbroken chain of homeless men extends the whole length of the Great Hamburg Berlin highway - it was mostly carpenters, milkmen, bricklayers and unskilled people.

They walked in small groups barefooted.

1928-1932, more and more people became unemployed and the Nazi seats rose rapidly.

Soup kitchens were opened for the homeless, food prices were kept high to protect farmers from the Great Depression.

Only 'true' Germans were allowed in Germany - Jews were excluded.

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Fear of Communism

The Communists had made gains almost everywhere.

The situation is such that half the German people had declared themselves against the present state.

The red fighting league were a communist gang. They attacked the meetings of other political parties.

They were disrupting the political business of Germany.

There had been a revolution in Russia and the Communists had taken charge. They wanted the nationalism of all major industries. They also wanted the state control of land.

This made people against Communists, so they votes for the Nazis instead.

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Nazi Propaganda

Propaganda helped to gain support. This gained confidence for the Nazis.

Repetition stuck in people's heads.

Hitler had a large amount of supporters and listeners which gained more support for the Nazis.

The Nazis used the press and radio well.

Hitler travelled around by plane.

This all showed that the Nazis were a modern party who had good ideas and used technology.

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