factors that helped to form the NHS

notes on factors that helped to form the NHS, War and Individuals

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  • Emergancy medical service (EMS) was set up to cope with the large numbers of civilian casulties from bombing raids

              - offered free treatment to air raid casulties

              - not as many civilian casulties as predicted so other patients were able to be treated for free

              -government took over all inner city hospitals

              - emergancy ambulance service and blood transfusion service set up

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Individuals- William Beveridge

wrote the beveridge report

  • said that cities should be free from the 5 giants, ignorance, idleness, want, disease and squalor and that the government should look after all members of society
  • the report was a best seller and helped to encorage the formation of the NHS

it recommended

  • setting up the NHS which would be free for all and doctors are paid by the government
  • National Insurance- everyone pays in from their wages  and everyone benifits (working or not) it would pay for sick pay, benifits and pensions

opposition-doctors and the conservative party( it was encoraging more votes for the labour party)

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Individuals- Aneurin Beven

  • Introduced the NHS in 1948
  • labour minister of health
  • helped to overcome opposition from GP's and consultants by offering them a fixed payment for every patient they treated and allowed them to treat their private patients too.
  • persuaded more doctors join the NHS
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