factors influencing global tourism

factors influencing tourim in both growth and decline


factors influencing growth: economic

  • steadily rising incomes
  • decreasing real costs of holidays
  • widening range of destinations within middle income range
  • more people with disposable incomes
  • expansion of budget airlines
  • globalisation- increases business travel
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factors influencing growth: social

  • increasing number of days paid leave
  • increasing desire to visit other cultures and landscapes
  • raised expectations of international travel with increasing media coverage of holidays, travel and nature
  • high levels of international migration meaning more people have friends and relatives abroad whon they wish to visit
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factors influencing growth: political

  • governemts have invested heavily to encorage tourism
  • governemtns back major international events such as the olympics
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factors influencing decline

  • natural disasters- floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
  • natual processes- coastal erosion, rising sea levels impact tourist destinations
  • terroism- threat from terroist attacks deters tourists from visiting certainlocations
  • health scares- ephedemics can effect tourisjm in the short term
  • political uncertainties- governments advise people not to travel to certain locations if the political situation is tense
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