Factors influencing development of rational recreation

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Social factors

  • Reduction of working hours/better wages -> increased time to attend matches/pay for leisure activities
  • Improvements in railways/transport -> easier access to events/able to attend matches played further away
  • Improved communication/media -> promotion role models/celebrities/awareness of events
  • Emergence of middle classes -> opportunity for business/social control/need to entertain the masses/encourage better social morals 
  • Creation of governing bodies/development of rational recreation -> organised competitions/leagues/standardised rules/regulations/codification/regular fixtures
  • Creation of teams from factories/churches/ex-public school boys -> local opportunity for spectators/creation of sense of community
  • Emergence of professional teams -> exciting spectacle/higher standard of play
  • Urbanisation -> need for alternative sporting activities due to lack of space/large population close together made spectating necessary/loss of mob games/growth of towns/cities
  • Commercialisation -> opportunities to develop professional teams/spectator team identity develop new stadiums 
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