Factors influencing an IT strategy

Internal and external factors that influence an IT strategy

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Internal factors: Business goals

Business goals: what the company would like to acheive in the short and long term.

EG: A company may want 30% of their employees to work from home in order to reduce office costs and also to reduce their carbon footprint. Whatever the business goals are. ICT system will need to be put in place to support them

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Internal factors: Available finance

Available finance: organisations have to operate within certain financial limits. Projects have budgets attatched to them and it's necessary to develop IT system within these budgets. The benefits of any new system have to outweigh the cost of development

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Internal factors: Legacy systems

Legacy systems: It is rare that new systems completely replace all the old systems what usually happens is that there is a mixture of old and new ystems and this creates a problem because the systems often have to interface together. This mans that the systems have to be capable of using each other's data.

Legacy system; old system

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Internal factors: Geography of clients and busines

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