Factors influencing Addiction

Self-esteem (lots of eval.)

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Self-esteem influence on Addiction (studies for ev



Abbod et al (1992); significant positive relationship between self-esteem and general health behaviour.

-Can't establish cause and effect

-External factors

-Correlational- but research is consistent!


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Self-esteem influence on Addiction (studies for ev


Baumeister (1997); Form of escapism- explains why those with low self-esteem become addicts (you don't have to deal with your own problems.

Armstrong et al (2000); Pathological Internet addicts found with low self-esteem levels 

Taylor et al (2007); 872 boys, 9 years, age 11-20

                               Gender bias, longitudinal (drop-out rates),expensive, rich detailed data obtained, western culture bias, age bias, recent study, large sample size, can't generalise to adults.

FOUND; low-self esteem at 11=most likely to become drug addicts at 20.

Bianchi & Philips (2005); Addiction to mobiles linked to low self-esteem.

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