Factors effecting climate change.

GCSE edexcel geography. Natural environment. Unit 1. climate change.

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Factors effecting climate change.

There are many factors that have caused a global rise in temperature of the planet.

- Orbital Geomety,

- Tectonic Activity,

- Solar Output,

- Volcanic Activity,

- Surface Reflextion,

- Change in Atmospheric gasses.

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Orbital Geometry.

The shape of the obit around the sun changes over thousands of years.

Elliptical = glacial periods.

Circular = hotter periods.

The greater the tilt of the angle the hotter the summer and colder the winter.

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Surface Reflextion

Snow and ice cover a large surface of the world. Becuase it is white, solar energy gets reflected back into space. Dark land and water absord heat which mean that it gets hotter and ice caps melt which causes the heat to once again be reflected back into space.

( this is called the albedo effect)

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Tectonic Activity

Movement of tectonic plates changes the pattern of the ocean and effect the circulation and currents meaning places that where windy once, now are sunny and cold places are now exposed to less wind and become hotter. Additionally, it can lead to costal cities being flooded.

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Solar Output

This is energy from the sun. The amount of sun reaching us is less which is leading to climate change.

It varies from 0.5% to 10% change.

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Volcanic Activity

Volcanic eruptions cause large amounts of sulphur dioxide and ash to enter the atmosphere. They act as a cloak to block sunlight and this leads to a colder earth. The wind helps to distribute the ash and suphur over the earth.

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Change in Atmospheric gasses

This is the greenhouse effect. The amount of bad gasses in the atmosphere increased by 25% during the industrial revolution. Additionally, deforestation, fossil fuels and coal mining.

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