Factors affecting/causing high/low birth/death rates within a country

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High Birth Rates

  • High infant mortality due to lack of health services which leads to more births
  • Traditional role of women which is to produce offspring
  • Little knowledge in birth control and contraception as women have little education.  This could also be due to religious beliefs
  • Political influences in order to increase birth rates
  • Pro-natalist policies which provide incentives in order to get people to have more children
  • Children are an economic asset as they can work and earn money.
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Low Birth Rates

  • Better education on birth control and contraception
  • Contraception is more widely used due to advertisments
  • Political influence to have a lower birth rate through incentives
  • Better economy which prevents the need for having more children in order to gain financially.
  • Wars and conflicts within a country
  • An increased price in order to bring up a child
  • Anti-natalist policies which reduce birth rates eg China's one child policy
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High Death Rates

  • A high number of infant mortalities
  • Little medical resources therefore diseases can be spread as no vaccination such as Malaria and AIDs
  • Low life expectancies in LEDCs
  • Low amounts of nuturition and sanitation which leads to malnutrition
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Low Death Rates

  • Good medical facilities which provide vaccinations
  • Higher life expectancy
  • Stable economy which allows people to afford clean drinking water
  • Low infant mortality rates
  • Reliable water supplies
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