Factors affecting the choice of statistical tests

The three factors

There are three factors when deciding on a test:

  • Test of difference or a correlation
  • Experimental design
  • Levels of management.
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Difference of correlation

Correlation: A relationship between variables.

Usually a research experiment, with two or more groups & you are looking for a change in the DV based IV, eg. the difference between men and women finding reality TV interesting.

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Experimental design

Independent group design (unrelated data) - different participants in each condition.

Repeated measures design (related data) - each participant tested in all conditions.

Matched pairs design (related data) - participants matched on characteristics important for the study.

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Levels of management

Nominal - catagories/ groups

Ordinal - measurements relate to variable, measurements can be placed in ascending or descending order.

Interval - measured in units of equal measurement, eg. height in cm.

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