Factors affecting Population Size

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Health factors

Population increase

  • improved medical care = increased LE
  • improved diet and reduced malnutrition = increased LE
  • if high number of doctors per person = increased LE

Population decrease

  • spread of disease e.g. HIV/AIDS = increased LE, decreased DR
  • reduced BR as a result of family planning
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Education factors

Population increase

  • improved maternal education may decrease IMR = increased LE
  • improved health literacy = increased LE

Population decrease

  • improved education for women may delay age of child bearing and reduce birth rates
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Political and Cultural Factors


Population increase

  • High tax and investment in services e.g. health and education = increased LE

Population decrease

  • Corrupt governments or those involved in war/conflict = increased DR, decreased LE


Population increase

  • Some religions do not encourage use of contraception
  • Gender inequality in countries may reduce women's ability to control number of births
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