Mass movement

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  • Areas of soft rock
  • Rainfall seeps in making at saturated slips down - on slip/slide plane the end of the moved material is called a toe: where it feel/slipped is called a scar
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Surface wash

  • Soil becomes saturated
  • Water flows and moves small particles into river, across the surface
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  • Rocks weather due to freeze-thaw rock is fractured and falls downwards steep slope - 70 C
  • Rapid but doesn't contain much moisture because it has ice
  • Can accumulate as a scree slope - large angular rocks
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  • Weathering losens materials causing slides down the side plan
  • Sliding material maintain its shape and cohesion untill it impacts at bottom of a slope and leads to large, scumped terrances.
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  • Downward movement of water (percolation)
  • Material is washed into the channel
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