Fabric decoration and fabric finishes

Different ways to decorate fabric, and finishes which can be applied

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  • Very old technique
  • Oldest piece- dated at 980 BC
  • Cultures all over the world use it - India, Pakistan, Russia, South America
  • Involves placing one fabric onto another and sewing them together. A close zig zag stitch is usually used - different stitches and coloured thread can be added for decorative effect
  • Beads, sequins, or intricate embroidery can be worked over the top for further effect
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Padded applique

  • Can be padded by placing wadding or stuffing between the fabric pieces
  • This creates a 3D effect and gives depth
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  • Like padded applique, quilting also involves placing wadding between two layers of fabric
  • The fabrics are then stitched together in stright lines or in a pattern
  • Quilting is often used to give added warmth to a product (e.g. an anorak or bed quilt). The wadding traps warm air between the layers of fabric
  • Quilting can give a 3D effect
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  • Decorative stitching
  • Very intricate details can be achieved by hand or machine
  • Industrial embroidery machines are often used to produce logos motifs and badges as well as embroidery
  • examples: chain stitch, herringbone stitch, blanket stitch
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