F296 Business

Brief overview of the course

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Business Production

  • Relationship between Business Obj. and Production Planning
  • Consider Production in relation to other factors
  • Production function in relation to other departments
  • Significance of Location in Industry
  • Production Methods
  • Significance of Size: Cost/Benefits of size/EoS/DEoS
  • Specialisation and the Division of Labour A/D
  • Planning and Controlling Gannt Charts and Imformation management
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Constraint on Production

  • Constraints imposed on production by the Enviroment 
  • Significance of resource management and optimising resource use
  • Waste management; pollution management, green audits, opportunity cost
  • Impact of Law; H+S in the workplace, vicarious liability, food safety, labelling
  • Ethical Considerations 
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Cost and Costing

  • Cost Classification 
  • Calculate and interprit; Fixed,variable, direct, indirect, marginal and average cost
  • Opportunity and Social cost
  • Costing Methods; Full, Absorption, contribution and standard
  • Break even analysis; BEP/graph
  • changes of CPU and revenue 
  • Margin of Safety
  • A/D of Break even analysis
  • Limitation of decision making 
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Productive Efficiency

  • Define Production, Productivity 
  • Methods of improving productive efficiency
  • Significance of Capacity utilisation 
  • Implication of operating at different levels
  • Stock control; stock holding graphically represent 
  • Relationahip between Production and stock control 
  • Quality control; Benchmarking/TQM/value analysis 
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  • Technology in Production 
  • Impact on Production methods
  • Benefits and drawbacks of new technology
  • Robotics, automation, CAD, CA
  • Research and Development 
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