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Vital for living organisms


1)Reactant - Chemical reactions like hydrolysis

2)Solvent - means substances disolve in it

3)Transports substances - fact its liquid and solvent means it can transport     

4)Temperature control - carries away heat energy, cools surface, lowers temp.

Hydrogen is -ve       Oxygen is +ve      Hydrogen bond (http://www.biology.arizona.edu/biochemistry/tutorials/chemistry/graphics/water.gif)

Water is POLAR molecule



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Structure gives it Useful Properties

H Bonds give it High Specific Heat Capacity

Bonds between molecules absorb a lot of energy, this STOPS rapid temp. changes, so temp. is fairly stable

H bonds give High Latent Heat of Evaporation

Lots of energy to break H bonds, useful because it can cool things

Waters Polarity makes it Cohesive

Stick together, helps water flow, good at transporting substances

Polarity makes it Good Solvent

water is polar therefore totally surrounded by water molecules, theyll dissolve


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