Eyjafjallajokull - Volcanic Case Study

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Location and Background

Location - In SouthEast Iceland, on the North American-Eurasian plate boundary

Type of Margin - Constructive - the two plates are divergent

Type of Volcano - Shield

Main Hazards - Ash Cloud, Gas Emissions, Lahar, Flooding amd Volcanic Bombs

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  • 17,000 flights were cancelled due to ash clouds
  • $2billion lost in flight cancellations
  • Tourism fell by 4% and the UK lost £102million
  • 50,000 farmers became temporarily unemployed as they couldn't sell produce
  • Roads destroyed
  • 20 farms were destroyed and left unstable
  • River channels became choked with ash and debris
  • 3000 tonnes of CO2 caused global warming but the area temporarily cooled due to the ash cloud
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Monitoring and Precautions

  • Icelandic Meterological Office studied seimic activity, water conditions and weather conditions  - satellite imaging
  • Evacuation
  • Text warnings
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  • Evacuation
  • Gas mask distribution
  • temporary flooding defences
  • flight cancelled due to the ash cloud
  • residents were warned about the dangerous areas

IMO monitored gas levels so people knew when it was safe to return home

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New Strategy

Due to the likelihood of a Katla eruption in the near future, prediction methods are constantly being invested in and emergency services consistently rehearse to deal with such eruptions in the future

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