Eyjafjallajokull case study

Case Study of icelandic volcano eruption of eyjafjallajokull

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  • Lava flow onto area immidiately surrounding the first fissure eruption.
  • Ash cloud from second eruption thrown up 5 miles into the atmosphere.


  • The second eruption caused melt of the glacier. 1st day of 2nd eruption there were 2 flash floods damaging the main road around the island and stopping traffic.
  • THe ash covered the surrounding farmland forcing the farmers to move their livestock.
  • The ash that was thrown up into the atmosphere caused airspace over most of Europe to be closed, forcing people to be stranded abroad which cost companies £millions to try and get them home.
  • Businesses as employees were stranded abroad. 
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Positive Impacts

  • Fertile soils. Farmers to the south of the volcano reported record yields the following year
  • Because so many flights were grounded there was a huge decrease in CO2 emissions. An estimated 1.2 - 2.8 million tonnes of CO2 stopped from going to the atmosphere.
  • Coach + Cruise ship companies benefitted as they helped stranded people get home.
  • Some people enjoyed their extended holiday and werent too bothered about being stranded.
  • The tectonic activity in Iceland provides geothermal heating - so cheap energy, enabling farmers to heat greenhouses and outdoor thermal bathing
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Negative Impacts

  • Thousands of airline passengers were stranded all over the world.
  • Airlines + holiday companies lost millions as their flights were grounded and they had to pay for ways back or accomodation.
  • Fruit and Veg etc. lost as the produce couldnt be flown around the world.
  • Farmers livestock had to be moved.
  • There can be long term healt issues if the ash gets in your eyes or lungs so face masks had to be worn to protect these.
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Immediate responses

  • Flights grounded and within 4 days nearly all of Europes major airports were closed.
  • Meteoroligists and air safety moniter ash cloud closely
  • Livestock moved to safety
  • 800 residents next to the volcano evacuated
  • Roads quickly repairedas only one route round the island.
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Long Term Responses

  • Air fares increased as companies attmept to recoup losses.
  • Better equipment to measure ash levels.
  • Tourism is premoted to see the effects of the volcano
  • Local shops stock souvenirs
  • President of Iceland urges European governments to plan for future eruptions
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