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Leading questions and age

Leading Questions

 Leading Questions- Loftus and Palmer

Participants watched a video of a car crash, they were then asked to complete a questionnaire on what they had seen. The questionnaires had one difference, the verb was changed on a key question. (How fast was the car going when it...in the other car- ‘hit, collided, smashed.’ They found that the verb effected participants estimates of the speed. This suggests that leading questions can influence participants of an event

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  Yerkes-Dobson Law

Found that participants recall events most accurately when they have some degree of anxiety. However too much or too little anxiety will result in poorer memory recall of this event shown by a collinear relationship

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There are some difference between age and ability to recall events accurately, however these differences are very slight if recall is immediate. However, research has found that both older and younger participants have poorer recall for the event.

Also research has found an own age bias effect. This suggests that participants are better and more accurate at recalling details about a person if they are approximately the same age as themselves. This is supported for all age categories.

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