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Effects of the himalayas on the human body

-Can cause fluid into lungs because of low oxygen

-Colds and flu can cause death

-Your body can deterioate

- Brain can shut down because of lack of oxygen

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What is altitude?

The height  of a mountain/ area above sea level.

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Freeze-thaw weathering

  1. Water - eg from rainfall or melting snow and ice - becomes trapped in a crack or joint in the rock.
  2. If the temperature drops below freezing, the water will freeze and expand  and put pressure on the rock.
  3. The ice will melt when the temperature rises above freezing.
  4. If this process happens repeatedly, the rock will weaken and eventually shatter.
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A type of erosion where melt water in the glacier freezes onto rocks, and as the ice moves forward it plucks or pulls out large pieces along the rock joints.

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Erosion caused by rocks and boulders in the base of the glacier acting like a giant file scratching and scraping the rocks below.

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The condition of being covered with glaciers or masses of ice; the result of glacial action

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Equipment needed at the himalayas

-Oxygen tank; as you lose oxygen as you climb

-Helmet; incase you fall and hit your head

-Shovel; dig out the snow if you get buried of lose something

-Rope; climb up a mountain and to steady yourself whilst walking through a crevasse

-Ice Axe; climbing up an ice mountain

-Telescopic ladder;to climb through a crevasse

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